Business to business

Business to business

Have you ever wondered how big companies acquire computers and computer accessories for their employees? These companies never go shopping in most famous computer stores we know for the large order they have to make. Business to business marketing or what is famously known as B2B marketing is how these 500 fortune companies are able to meet their supply needs. This is where a company buys a product or a service from another company. It is structured in the same marketing principles as any other marketing concept but it has a slight different edge from other form of marketing. While in other marketing models the buyer considers not just the price but brand, reviews, status and so on, in B2B marketing, the buyer just consider the price and the potential profit they will make from the deal. The social media has become a powerful platform for business to business marketing. The interaction between companies that are willing to buy and other potential clients is robust on this platform. B2B marketers target large consumers. This include large companies with known tract records of posting huge profits, government agencies like hospitals or learning institutions and companies that resell products to consumers.

The success of B2B marketer will depend on:

• Branding and positioning of the product and services.

• Understanding the market.

• Proposing relevant solutions. Business to business marketing is a concept that companies are adopting in addition to their traditional marketing because of its huge returns.


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